Finance expert, business owner, professor, father, husband… and lover of Austin.  

Rob possesses an uncanny ability to spot the truth in complicated issues, determine the best solution and inspire action in those he leads.   It’s grown his international tax consulting business over the last 14 years.  It’s also resulted in a 20 year, love-filled marriage with his wife, Janet, and their two children, Lydia (18) and Sam (16).  Many around him, including his family, have encouraged him to get involved in politics for years.  

walker-familyThis year Rob and Janet felt it was time.  Traffic congestion, property taxes and real estate investors have all multiplied their hold on Austin.  There was a time when you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg and sit in traffic for an hour to enjoy the soul of Austin.  Rob couldn’t stand by any more.

Austin needs a voice that puts its citizens’ quality of life ahead of deals for investors and corporations.  It needs to provide for its unstoppable growth while protecting the DNA of what makes it great.

Rob is running to change the way Austin’s money and resources have been frittered away while neglecting a traffic explosion.   He’s deeply saddened by the gentrification of low-income neighborhoods that displaces families and profits investors.  He couldn’t sit back while the beauty and diversity of Austin slipped away.  He’s stirred to be a voice for fiscal sanity.  And he needs your help….

  • It’s time to stop the (im)Mobility bond and vote in a viable traffic relief bond next year.
  • It’s time to cap the out-of-control property tax increases.
  • It’s time to hold real estate developers responsible before their plans create more problems.
  • It’s time to protect our parks and all our citizens while preserving the beauty of Austin for the future.
  • It’s time to elect Rob Walker.

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As in Walker, that Ranger from Texas.

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Rob earned his BA from Rice Univ in Economics, then went on to get his MBA at Stanford Univ in Finance, before earning his PhD from the University of Texas in Taxation and Finance and teaching at Georgetown University in Washington DC for 10 years.  With such major and complex issues facing the City of Austin in terms of the budget, spending, and taxes, having someone like Rob on City Council will be a huge asset.

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