Vote No on the Mobility Bond


I’m against calling $720 Million Dollars a Mobility Bond when only 15% focuses on relieving traffic.  Especially when City Council has a less expensive, 70% traffic focused option… (Read More)

Capping Property Tax Increases


Property taxes have increased 75% over the last 10 years!  I’ve got a plan to put our money where it will make a difference and cap the property tax increases… (Read More)

The Austin Oaks PUD and The Grove PUD


These real estate monstrosities will increase traffic and frustration for our citizens.  We can scale them back and provide a more Austin friendly solution… 

Support Return of Uber/Lyft and Free Market, Safe Ridesharing for Austin

The City Council’s decision to essentially force Uber/Lyft out of Austin was not only a bad one, but will have negative consequences for Austin as a whole. Uber/Lyft, and Free Market, Safe Ridesharing is a win/win for the citizens of Austin, as well as helps to create jobs.

Since Uber/Lyft were forced to leave Austin, prices have risen dramatically.  A black market of lesser providers has arisen in the absence of the free market.  Both these conditions have led to more people out on the roads driving while under the influence, which is a huge public safety issue for our families.

Support Parks to Promote Healthy Communities 

Austin is not only the greatest place to live in Texas and America, it’s also the most beautiful city.  A vital part of our amazing city is the vibrant Parks system we have.  There can definitely be a balance struck between sensible growth and insuring there is ample room for parks, which lead to a much better quality of life for all Austinites.

Giving our families clean, safe and beautiful places to play, connect with neighbors, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings is a must, and I will fight to make sure we strike the proper balance in a free market society.

Save Muny! Lions Municipal Golf Course

Lions Municipal Golf Course (Muny) needs to be preserved for its historical significance, beauty and  location (between Lake Austin Blvd and Enfield Rd).  I am against the University of Texas leasing the land to developers.  It needs to remain a golf course and green space in perpetuity.  Muny was the first desegregated golf course in the south, and it was just named as one of our nation’s “most endangered historic places” by the National Trust for historic preservation.

I am donator to the Save Muny cause and have signed and donated to the Save Muny Petition drive.  I hope you will follow suit.  It’s an historically significant, beautiful golf course and hiking and picnicking area, and I will do my best to convince UT to donate Muny to our City.   UT has been blessed with billions in endowment, and I will work hard to convince the regents that such an act of generosity will greatly benefit the university in the long run.

Prioritize Public Safety 

It is extremely important to focus the budget on civic priorities, and by doing so, there is ample room to fund our Public Safety to keep Austin families safe.  Our Emergency Response Personnel deserve to have the training, equipment, and resources to keep up with a fast growth area like Austin, and when City Hall focuses on budget priorities (needs) vs wants, then there is not a shortage of funds to maintain top notch units across our Public Safety community.

Increase Transparency, Accountability and Fiscal Stewardship at City Hall

The citizens of Austin deserve to know how and where their hard earned money is spent. People live very busy lives, and very few have lots of time to seek the information we should make readily available to them.

People that run for public office should be held accountable by their constituents to live up to the pledges they make during campaign season.  There is little doubt we must streamline the budget, focus available money on vital resources, and then tighten our belts just like Austin families are forced to do.

As a City Council Member, I will make a concerted effort to communicate with my constituents, and to properly explain my votes.  I seek to serve as a means to give back to my community, and not to enrich myself, or to move up the political ladder.

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